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February 4th, 2008

08:08 pm
Monday's not really a drabble at almost 800 words
Promt "wedding night jitters" and the quote "My mum says ..." For queenb23more
Thank you to the thesteppyone for teh beta work...any mistakes are mine, she's just too perfect for any.
this is mostlikely a PG-13 story.

With some liberties taken at the end. the first 100 words are shown.


Things were so different on their wedding night. Hermione was a mass of jitters and he was the reasonable one.

“It’s okay,” The calm, soft voice of her new husband said. “My mum said you might be nervous. She said that if you were a virgin,” a sly smile crossed his lips, “which you are, you might not know what to expect.”

“I know what to expect, I just didn’t realise it was going to be called upon so soon.”

“Hermione, I’m not going to ravish you on the spot. Mum says to fix you a pot of tea
and a bath.”

“That does sound lovely.”

Ron pulled out a kettle, cups and tea from his baggage. He started the water for tea and then the bath.

Hermione heard Ron’s calm voice, “Mum also said to add lavender to the bath, but I told her you’d kill me if there was a hint of lavender in any form.”

A small giggle came from the next room. “I told her that I would be better off adding oatmeal, milk and honey, so you’d be good enough to eat.”

“Ronald, you did not say that to you mother.”

“Did too, she pretended to be shocked, but said that I always had an oral fixation and that I might as well use it to please my wife. It was mum who suggested the vanilla.”

Hermione just then noticed the soft sent drifting from the bath, almost following Ron as he reentered the room. He was bare footed and wearing a robe.

He walked past her to the set up for tea. Hermione followed him.

“What kind of tea?” she tried to look over him to see if there was any special preparation going on.

“Just plain tea, with milk, the way you like it.” He added three tea bags into the pot. Hermione heard him whisper, “One per cup and one for the pot.”

“My mom says that when I’m sick.” She started unbuttoning her robes.

The deep chuckle that came from Ron reverberated though her bones, relaxing her, reminding her.

Ginny taught me that, when she used to convince me to play tea with her. I was always willing if biscuits were involved, but when she started going fancy with the cucumber sandwiches, I almost stopped.” He stood pot in one hand, wand in the other. “Head on into the bath, I’ll levitate the cups and milk.”

“Muggle way,” she said, placing his wand on the night stand, picking up the cups and milk.

As they entered the bath together, Hermione was unfazed by the fact that she would have to undress in front of Ron. She placed the cups and milk on a table near the bath, finished unbuttoning her robes and slid into the bath. It wasn’t till the warm, honey scented water was surrounding her she realized she had undressed in front of Ron for the first time.

“How did you do that? And it better not be another 'Mum says',”

“Nope, It was all me. I’m one of your best friends Hermione, if I can’t relax you, who can?” He released the tie on his robe, dropping it to the floor and stood naked without shame. “Budge over for me to join you.”

“In my bath?”

“I never said you would be taking it alone now, did I? And I told you how I only had tea for the food, you expect me to let good oatmeal, milk and honey go to waste?”

“I’m not that relaxed,” she said as she started pouring the tea.

“Not yet, but you will be. Accio wand,” his wand sailed into his waiting hand. “I forgot I needed this,” he did a few flourishes and twist and the tub grew to twice its size and bubbles started messaging Hermione.

“My idea too,” his eyebrows danced upon his face. “Did I ever tell you the one about the prefects bath, you me and fourth year?”

“Oh, yes.” Her eyes shined, “oh, my, your oral fixation,” her hands went to her mouth. “But how would you breath? Bubble head charm?”

“Bubble head charm wouldn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to taste.”

“Gilly weed, you didn’t ask Neville for some?”

“Nope, there is a store in Hogsmeade that sells it.” He had some hidden in his hand, placed it in his mouth. He reached for his cup, “Harry never said how horrid it tastes.”

“I’m sure the after taste won’t last long, and your reward will be payment enough.”

Hermione watched as he husband grew gills. She was surprised to see that web hands and feet were not next.

“Special weed,” he voice was slightly lower. He finished his tea and slowly sank into the water.

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